Halloween Special -Games 

 it’s drawing near….I’m getting more and more excited by the day….We are hosting a small Halloween party on Saturday and I’m trying to think of games we can play to keep the kids (and adults) entertained. 

1. Try to get the worm out the jelly using only your mouth 

Not exactly the most catchy of names I know, but I don’t know what else to call it?! Blind Jelly Surprise? Our first experiment was to try to get the worm out of a jelly using only our mouth – this proved far too easy for Bear, who’s 6, so we thought we would try it blindfolded and on Boo, 4!!! For adults and children alike….this is how little Boo got on…friends reading this: your turn on Saturday!!! Thinking about making it a team relay! 

After thinking about this and realizing that trying to find 20+ blindfolds might prove tricky, and that everyone might really hurt their noses if they go in aggressively, I think maybe we will just do it in the dark! 

2. Torchlit Treasure Hunt

Hide lots of little sweets out in the garden (I’ll be using gold/silver chocolate coins as they should be easier to find) and get the kids go try to find them using torches. Great for indoors too with all the lights off if the weather is rubbish. Remember to keep some coins aside for the little ones who might find this more tricky. I plan to tell them that once they’ve found 5 that’s their lot so everyone gets their fair share.

We tried this indoors tonight and the kids loved it!

3. Pin the Wart on the Witch

Speaks for itself really just an adapted version of the tail on the Donkey.

4. Musical Statues – Halloween style

Of course I have a Halloween playlist for this, which I’ll post later. Cut out or make small pictures of witches hats/ghosts/cats whatever takes your fancy, and put them on the floor. This is just like musical statues, but when the music stops, the kids (and adults) have to stand on a picture, obviously take a picture away every time someone is out. A small treat for the losers and a big treat for the winner!

That should keep us busy for a bit….

PS4 Zombie Amazingness!!!!

Now I do love a zombie, whether it’s being chased by them through the streets of London or just watching a film and because of this I now fully understand why men get so engrossed in PS4/Xbox games. I am currently sitting here watching Beardy playing The Last of us on his new PS4 and I have my hands over my eyes screaming at him to ‘stop running into corners!’, ‘get him!’, ‘watch out!’ ‘RUN!’ All of which are followed by an ‘aaaaaargh!’ I actually have butterflies in my tummy – this is like a film – and you star in it! Also helped by the fact that Joel (the hero) reminds me a lot of Gerard Butler and is shit hot at fighting (I guess that really depends on the player though) I particularly like the throat punch and the knocking off of heads! Not that I’m a violent gal you understand, I’m just sayin’ now I get it. It’s actually quite funny also watching the little prompts come up asking if you want to make it easier, clearly recognising the players inability to complete the level and seeing Beardy getting all antsy because he doesn’t want to admit defeat, telling the prompts to ‘f*** off!’ Lol! I’m a nervous wreck but I’m actually really enjoying this!