International Menu Week – kids dinner ideas

The children have requested an International Menu Week again soon. We did it once before and it was a great success, with the kids eating all except one dish (French cheeses) of the food we had prepared. The children choose the countries and look up the national dish (or even just a typical dish of that country), then pop it on the menu. It’s nice to have a change from the normal staple foods and they seem to really enjoy learning about other countries.

I get them to draw the flags, write the dishes down themselves and the language they speak in each country, sometimes I ask them to find out how to say hello in their language too, so a little bit of playing schools, which they love. Then they also help to cook the dinners where they can.

I also found something today which I might try too. A blog showing all the food holidays! Every day is a food holiday – I particularly like that my birthday is ‘eat what you want’ day!

Feeling a bit ‘bleugh’ today so today’s – mulled cider, has cheered me up a bit, just gotta find some now! Where the hell do I get that from???? There aren’t any Christmas markets yet. Looks like I’m going to Borough Market at lunchtime today!

Check out what you should be eating on your birthday!!!


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Top Tip! Best way to peel an Avocado…or Mango….or Kiwi….

I love all three of the above but particulary an Avocado so when I saw this video I was really excited to try it, I normally just scoop out bits with a spoon which can be a bit tedious and messy.

I was a bit apprehensive; I thought it might be like one of my many Pinterest fails – looks amazing on screen, looks rubbish in reality….so, does it really work? The video would suggest yes, it does, so I tried it.

OMG, my life has changed forever. In the space of about a month I have eaten 245 avocados, just because I like peeling them!!!! It’s amazing, really. I am off to buy more mangoes and kiwis this week so I can have a ‘peeling awkward fruit marathon’. Thank you Dave Hax whoever you are.


Rolling a Wrap

I tried to instil a bit of healthy eating into my children last week and gave Boo a wrap instead of sandwich for her lunch, a nice healthy alternative to bread. What a nightmare I had trying to  roll it! It flaked as I rolled and I knew Boo would struggle eating it but still gave it to her anyway, she picked it up, and as kids seem to have no concept of how to hold food properly, she picked it up like a dainty teacup and obviously it all fell apart and the filling fell all over the table and floor, she cried. I laughed. Evil Mummy. So I thought, right, enough is enough, I am not having a wrap beat me and upset my children, I will conquer this, so I looked up some videos on how to do this on YouTube and I tried again.

I did actually take a video of me doing this to see if normal people (rather than chefs) could do it as easily but Beardy found it and cracked up laughing, which then made me totally paranoid I looked a complete wally and decided against putting it on here! lol. I can tell you this though, it’s not as easy as it looks!

The two videos I followed were these below, if, like me, you suck and rolling wraps this is very useful……

Although I found both of these helpful, I also found a tip somewhere that said to heat your wrap first before rolling as it makes it more pliable, which I would definitely recommend! The only trouble with this is that the butter melts when you put it on obviously because the wrap is warm, but butter is paramount for the sticking, bit of a catch 22 really. I had also never put butter on before, but can confirm that this is definitely needed!

I found the tucking in of the ends in the first video a bit of a problem, it kept breaking on me and I think now in hindsight I may have left too much room and tried to tuck too much of the wrap in. I did this 3 times and only one of them turned out ok, could just mean more practice needed.

The other thing I tried was to copy the second video (easier) and wrap it in foil, I left one end open and twisted the other end so the filling wouldn’t fall out, kind of like a Twister from KFC (if you’ve ever had one) and as you eat you tear away the foil. This also worked pretty well but it’s a bit of a pain having to keep tearing away the foil so not ideal by any stretch, especially for kids.

In conclusion, I would say;

  • Heat the wrap, but only for 10 seconds (it does make it easier to roll).
  • Butter the middle of the wrap, not the edges to start with, just where the filling goes.
  • Roll up and butter the edges at the end of the process to stick down (i.e. after the wrap has cooled)
  • Don’t tuck in the edges (copy the second video) but trim the ends, or if you do want to tuck the edges in, don’t leave too much, about an inch at either end is ok.

Boo ate both of these well with her tiny fingers, dropping hardly any at all.  Happy Boo Boo, Happy Mummy.




Hiccups Cure!


I just have to share this! SO exciting!

I read somewhere about a hiccups cure, I can’t for the life of me remember where, but it basically said; get the hiccupee to have a drink and whilst they’re drinking stand behind them and tug down gently on their earlobes, I thought it sounded  crazy but was intrigued and couldn’t wait for one of us to get them, today was that day, twice!

Boo started hiccupping right after dinner, I rushed to get her a drink, I couldn’t contain my excitement, stood behind her as she drank and tugged gently on her earlobes. ‘Have they stopped? Have they? Have they?’ I asked, I was like an excited child, we both waited, ‘yes mummy!’ we both grinned from ear to ear. About an hour later she got them again and we both ran to get a drink, ‘do it again Mummy!!!!’, so we did, and it worked – AGAIN!  I was completely dumbfounded and still kinda am, I have no idea why this works?!  Boo and I had a little celebratory dance around the room. This is a blinking revelation and a definite MUST SHARE!!!!

New Mums – Top Tip

*Brown Sugar*


It’s all too common in little ones and especially frustrating when they’re so small you can’t give them medication. Both my two suffered from this and the doctor told me to put teaspoon of brown sugar in their warm milk, has to be brown, that’s it! So simple and it worked for us.

New Mum – Teething Top Tip

New Mums! I got a top tip from a friend of mine when my kiddies were small and teething was a nightmare, natural liquorice! Apparently it numbs the gums; if you buy them in sticks they chew on it for aaaaages and worked wonders for my two! Also – put a wet flannel in the freezer for a couple of hours, rolled up like a sausage, when frozen, let them chew on it – not such a hit with mine as they are not that partial to eating a bit of flannel but apparently works for some!