So a little bit about me….

I am 40 years old and I have been married to my WONDERFUL (in case he’s reading this – Hello Darling! :D) husband, Iain (aka Beardy – coz he has a Beard – Original!) for 8 years and we have 2 delightful…ahem…children, Stanley (Bear) and Emily (Boo), who are 6 and 4. I work in London for an Insurance Brokers and….that’s boring so we won’t go into that.

I really don’t want to work anymore but needs must and all that, so I felt I should find something which makes me happy to counteract the misery I feel when I go into work and leave The Bear and Boo behind……Oh, and the fact that Beardy has a new PS4 and I fear my future will inevitably consist of being banished from the front room whilst he plays and shouts loudly at the players THAT HE CONTROLS (and also can’t hear him!) on the TV.

I like cooking, especially when the kids actually say they like it after I’ve slaved over a hot stove for an hour, (I know, no-one says stove anymore, right, but cooker or oven didn’t sound right) which to be fair, doesn’t happen often but makes it all the more worthwhile when it does, interior design, quirky crafty ideas and shopping, I LOVE shopping. I’m sure all the other mums who love shopping will agree though, that since having children it’s not quite the same. Not only does nothing fit me in the size I used to be (:( sad face) but I end up buying childrens clothes instead of clothes for ME! (:((another even sadder face). That’s pretty much me in a nutshell, oh, and I use exclamation marks ALOT!!! Which I know all those grammatically correct people will get annoyed with (my husband is one of them – a fanatical grammar corrector) but hey ho, you’ll get over it! Oops, there’s another one 🙂

I’m fairly new to blogging, only been doing it a few months but I’m loving it, it gives me a little break from work and kids and means I get to do something I like and I don’t have to check with anyone if it’s ok I do it. My own little bubble of escapism. 🙂

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