Summer Holidays Ideas Jar

It’s been a while I know…and I’m only really posting to share what I think is a great idea to prepare yourself for the summer holidays and the unbearable notion that you have children to entertain 24/7. 

Trying to think of things to do is a nightmare and generally a plathora of tantrums, sulking or Kevin and Perry style attitude ensues in this house when I don’t have things planned – it’s time to act like kids; and I don’t mean 2016 kids I mean like 1980’s kids, which basically means playing and having fun.

So I came up with the Ideas jar – the children (and I),over the past few weeks, have been writing ideas of what we want to do in the holidays, on a piece of paper, screwing them up and putting it into the jar. The idea being that each day the kids will take it in turns to pick out a piece of paper and do whatever is on it (obviously this could end up being weather or money permitting!)

The rules are to have only one or two ideas a week that cost money (and preferable not much!) so it may need to be managed a bit. 

We’ve been trying to think of as many free things as possible; camping in the garden, making cookies, picnic in the park, home cinema day etc. I can’t wait to get started but we need more ideas so I’m after some help! 

Please help us to not watch Telly all day or play on the PlayStation – join our Act Like Kids Campaign for the holidays and share your thoughts! 

2 thoughts on “Summer Holidays Ideas Jar

  1. Nicola Amis says:

    Thanks for this Vicki – we started our own this week too after you told me about it – it’s a fab idea!
    So far we have: bake cakes, cinema, day at the beach, fishing (in the stream), picnic in the park and a day in London.
    Not all free but a good start..xx


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