Vegas! Day 4

Ahhhh our last full day in Vegas. We started the day with a long lie in; feeling refreshed, we set off for brunch at Hash House a Go Go, never seen anywhere so popular! The queue was huge but we got seated within half an hour, sipping a good spicy Bloody Mary while we waited. 

This place is well known for huge portions and was featured in Man v Food so you can imagine, if you watch that, the sort of sizes we are talking about! Not sure a massive brunch like this is the best thing just before jumping off the Top of the Stratosphere! 

The big moment – the Sky Jump. I was pretty nervous but determined I wouldn’t chicken out. Let me tell you, standing on a platform 855 feet high (108 floors up) in the open air is pretty daunting. They count you down and you step off the platform on ‘go’. Aaaaaaargh. It was amazing! I actually felt like I was going to burst into tears when I reached the bottom, it was such an emotional experience. I would urge anyone going to Vegas who’s not afraid of heights to give it a go! 

View from the top – yep, I jumped off there! 


A quick flutter in the Stratosphere casino and a bowler hat purchase later and we went off to the South premium outlet stores to spend our winnings and get prezzies for the kids.

Beardy looking rather swanky in his bowler, just need to get him a cane now.

After shopping we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, thought we’d try the Wynn as we are there for Le Reve tonight….

What a lovely hotel, the entrance was all lit up with a tree tunnel with fairy lights and fresh flowers. We treated ourselves to a bit of fine dining at the Lakeside restaurant; clams and steak for me, delicious! 

Lastly, what a better way to end our stay in Vegas than to watch the wonder that is Le Reve! From the moment it started I was captivated; I’ve never seen a show that is so unbelievably visually stunning, we weren’t allowed to take photos during the show but I managed to get one afterwards of some of the scenery (below). I cried about 24 times throughout – it just took my breath away. I cannot recommend it enough; I would pay to watch it again and again! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!


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