Vegas! – Day 3



Got up a bit later today after a much better nights sleep and was excited about having a buffet breaky in the hotels ‘Wicked Spoon’. After I’d got over the shock of breakfast costing $82 we were shown to our table and told to help ourselves. Ok. Well let me tell you, breakfast was obscene! So much choice, sushi, belly of pork, Mac n cheese, pancakes, pastries, salads….there was sooooo much! I tried to eat as much as I possibly could, to get my money’s worth, but had to stop after my 17th plate as I was slowly becoming more and more wedged into my chair. I felt like I was taking on Adam Rickman in the ultimate Man vs Food challenge!

Sun’s out – Guns out! Literally!

9.30am we were picked up by a Humvee for our trip to Battlefield Vegas for our shooting experience. 

I know, I rock a gun right?! Lol. Another pretty amazing experience.

We decided to have an early morning flutter when we got back, no time is a bad time for gambling. So, not being a particurly high roller, in went my $20. I only went and won $607!!!!!! Fuck yeah! (Sorry Mum but that is definitely worth an f word!) Iain then went on a Blackjack table, straight in with $100! Calm down! He was down to one $25 chip, could he pull it back? I was doubtful but he proved me wrong and walked away (because I made him) with $400! Coolio, that covers last night!

Another sit round the pool with the beautiful people, feeling completely fat and ugly, a quick slice of pizza, which probably explains the fat part of the previous statement, and then off to browse the other hotels again. No naps today! WE ARE HARDCORE!

Penn & Teller tonight at the Rio, amazing goldfish trick, and another few hundred on Roulette, sadly not much winning going on tonight. đŸ˜¦
Finished the night with a scrummy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. They do not wear green and yellow.

Two things I know for certain about Vegas:

  1. You will go home twice the size as when you left.
  2. You haemmorage money.

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