Vegas! – Day 2

Wow! What a day we’ve had today. 

We started by having a really crap nights sleep, which left us wide awake at 6am, so we got up in search of a hearty breakfast and stumbled upon Mon Ami Gabi. Highly recommend if anyone is going to Vegas. Our hotel restaurant didn’t open til 8am so this was a lovely little find opening at 7, to watch the world go by, on the veranda right opposite the Bellagio.

We were getting picked up at 8.40 for our first exciting experience of the trip, and firstly, I must thank my Mum and Dad for this – my wonderful birthday present – a helicopter ride over Vegas, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead touching down in the Grand Canyon for a spot of lunch and glass of champers! Amazing! As you can see by the photos. I’ve discovered that it’s very hard to take a crap photo of the Grand Canyon. 

Beardy was a little nervous and wasn’t completely reassured when Dave, our pilot, came to greet us (Beardy had pointed out he was really old) and Dave openly admitted that he was probably the oldest helicopter pilot in the WORLD! Chances of him collapsing mid flight dramatically increased! Luckily that didn’t happen and I’m here to tell the tale. I have to say I am completely in awe of the Grand Canyon – just beautiful!



When we got back we had a little sit by the pool, Strawberry Daquiri in hand, and endured the scorching midday heat. That lasted about 3 minutes, both the Daquiri and the sit by the pool. A half hour power nap in the room and we set off for the Venetian for a Gondola ride (inside) serenaded by our Punter, or whatever you call the man with the stick and the stripy top. It was weird, in a good way; inside is basically outside but air conditioned, the ceilings are painted to look like the sky, the canals run alongside the shops and the floor is cobbled. Pretty amazing.

A little flutter in the casino ($10 on a Big Bang Theory slot machine) gave me $50 win! Woop. This could be the start of my lucky streak.

Next – Fremont Street! This is my new favourite place in the world. Live music courtesy of Yesterday, an awesome Beatles tribute band with a George Harrison whose resemblance to Howard from Big Bang was uncanny (but with a porn tache).

Fremont street was teeming with loveable winos dancing in the streets to the live music. One of them, in a wheelchair, got up and started dancing, clearly highlighting the fact the wheelchair was unnecessary. We found it amusing, but Beardy even more so when he turned around and we could clearly see by his stained white shirt that he’d, how do I say it nicely? nope. Can’t. Shat himself. Lovely. Seriously though, it’s an amazing place, sitting outside in a bar, listening to free AMAZING music, people watching is exactly the sort of night I love. 

We had a flutter in the Golden Nugget. $40 in. $226 out. BAM! Beardys new moto ‘you win it. I lose it’ seems to be working.

We finished the evening off with a meal at Casa di Amore, a bit off the beaten track but definitely worth a visit! 

And we are spent!


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