Vegas! Day 1

I’ll be updating these posts as and when I do things so apologies if they’re a bit disjointed…..

What a completely different experience it is travelling without children. I have been to the toilet twice since I’ve been at the airport and not once have I been asked to check anyone’s bottom is clean or had to shout at someone to close the door before I’ve pulled my knickers up. It’s a refreshing experience.

I have bought myself a crossword book and am overly excited about a flight with no kids and watching a film with no interruptions! (And spending some quality to with Beardy of course)…..

So, How long have they offered unlimited free alcohol on long haul flights and had proper cutlery? Beardy laughed at me when I asked him if he had any money on him to pay for our drinks….

We landed about 7.30pm Veags time, which is 3.30am my time and with barely any sleep I’m exhausted but excited about what Vegas offers so I’m not yet showing any signs of irritability! 

We get through customs and immigration speedily, racing past all the other passengers (we ran). Typically though Beardys case is the last one out! But no matter, we have Samuel L. Jackson as our taxi driver so all is well! 
Arrive at the Cosmo and have a wander about, checking out the spectacular Bellagio fountains and getting a speed lesson on how to play craps with one of the croupiers. Lose $40. 

Have what tastes like a quadruple vodka and take a slow stroll back to our room with our $7 bottle of water.

We both collapse into our giant Marshmallow bed which hugs us til we fall asleep (for an hour before waking again…..and again….and again)

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

One thought on “Vegas! Day 1

  1. suehellinger says:

    Have a brilliant time in Vegas! Make sure you really enjoy that quality time with Ian and no kids! Looking forward to hearing more. xx


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