Dear Weather, F*** off! (Sorry Mum)

The weather definitely has some kind of personal vendetta against us; it’s almost like it says ‘hey, the Lebbells are going on holiday soon – save up all your wet and cold so we can bombard them with it during their holidays – that’ll teach them!’ For what, I have no idea​, but we have obviously done something to upset it at some point. It happens every year – gale force winds in Egypt, torrential rain in France, a 3 day break in cloudy Majorca! FFS. We are planning to go on Friday, just down to the coast, it’s been so lovely here lately, highs hitting the 30’s during the last few weeks!!! We come back next Wednesday…..And no, it’s not just one weather report!!!!! Check it out – This is definitely war!!!……And not even close to being funny!!!


3 thoughts on “Dear Weather, F*** off! (Sorry Mum)

  1. Angela says:

    Ugh this summer weather is rubbish even for up here in rainy Scotland. If it makes you feel better, the reports predicted rain everyday when we were down south a couple of weeks ago and it turned out lovely everyday! Hope it’s the same for you!!


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