Fashion tips from a 4 year old

Everyone has their own style, I like to think I dress ok. Sometimes I might be a little quirky but I don’t think that’s a bad thing and I like that I’m a bit different. I don’t like being told what to wear by a 4 year old.

Boo is 4. She is what I would call a girly girl, I have no idea why, she certainly doesn’t get it from me so must be Daddy’s genes (hmmm, not sure that’s a good thing). She changes about 4 times a day, she pretends she’s on a catwalk and walks around the house posing, pouting, looking in mirrors a lot and speaking in an accent (normally American). When we watched Britains Got Talent and I asked her what her talent would be she said ‘posing!’. She’s not wrong.

She’s given me a few tips over the last year or so….

Boo’s Fashion Tips:

Do not wear DM’s with a dress; ‘you don’t look like a lady Mummy, you look like you’re going shopping in the mud!’. Lovely. Did I mention she’s 4?!

Jesus Creepers are not a good look; ‘Your sandals look like a Grandad should be wearing them’. Nice. Thanks for that.

Long hair is a must; ‘When are you going to grow your hair long again, long hair makes you look like a real girl’ ….(erm well, I thought I was a ‘real’ girl)

Killer heels when grocery shopping, why not?; ‘Why don’t you wear these Mummy’ she says pulling out my glittery gold sandals with 4 inch heels, ‘because we’re going food shopping Boo Boo – my feet will hurt’, ‘can I wear them then?’ ‘, you’re 4!’.

Tone up; ‘Why does your tummy wobble so much?’ ‘because you ruined it when you came out of it darling’, ‘oh. sorry Mummy’. 🙂

Don’t you just love ’em.



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