Mother of Dragons…


Oh my! I am fairly new to blogging and don’t have LOADS of followers…yet!…so was really surprised (and very excited!) to see I’d been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by one of my favourite bloggers; thanks Dan!…it’s so nice that someone thinks your writing is worthy of an award! … check out his awesome blog if you don’t already – Holes in my socks!

So, what does the Dragon’s Loyalty Award actually mean, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t got a Scooby, but in my head it means that I can now consider myself part of the Targaryn family, which is blinkin’ exciting! All I need now is Tyrion by my side and World Domination will be MINE!….she says, wielding an imaginary sword above her head whilst typing…I am AMAZING at multitasking!

To be honest, let’s face it any award with ‘Dragon’ in the title has to be pretty damn cool!

Basically, I’ve come to learn that these awards are given to bloggers from other bloggers who either want to know a bit more about you, or just think your blog is cool and want to give you a bit of recognition for it. Who cares – all I know is it makes you feel pretty bloody special knowing that someone is actually enjoying reading your blog enough to nominate you.

So, apparently I have to write 7 things that people don’t know about me, which is blimin’ hard actually, especially as you want them to be interesting, so this is for my fellow bloggers as all my friends that follow me will already know quite a few of these:

  1. I am 99.99% certain that I could eat my whole family’s body weight in Cheese!
  2. I have metal rods and screws holding my back in place – I am like Bionic Woman (shhhh – don’t tell anyone)
  3. I once tried to leapfrog a bollard in an evening dress and 4 inch heels…sadly, my 3 front teeth weren’t too pleased about it and went AWOL so were replaced with fakes, they don’t really get on with the other teeth; they’re outcasts and the others boast about being real, I think they feel a little sad sometimes….and excluded. I think it’s time I had a chat with the others about bullying.
  4. When I’ve had too much to drink I do the running man – I think I look very cool at the time, I know, what?! Then I wake up the next morning and remember random snippets, all involving me making an idiot of myself. Not good.
  5. I have written 2 children’s storybooks with my sister (awaiting illustration)
  6. Erm…struggling now – is 5 enough?…ok…I ran through my Mum and Dads greenhouse when I was younger, nope, not drunk; playing that game where you run round the stick! – Yes, there was blood, but I was very lucky and only really had a cut in my shoulder, my Mum and Dad were not in at the time and my wonderful sister cleaned me up – thanks Sis!…..Dad wasn’t too happy about me squashing his tomato plants tho 😦
  7. Phew! what next? er….I’m a dumbass when I’m drunk or play ‘running round a stick’….but then you knew that already….

Unfortunately I don’t really know that many bloggers and don’t follow many blogs yet so my nominations are limited, Holes in my socks and  Yellow Fever I love but they either nominated me or have already been nominated sooo, my other top favourites (even though some of them are only recent additions) are….

Food Fellowship and Wine

Peas and Cougars


Highly Irritable

Please don’t feel obliged to do this if it’s not your thing! I won’t threaten you with impending death or suggest you’ll get eaten by a mad goat or anything if you don’t, we’re not on Facebook.

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