Rocket Teabags….no drama! (Hopefully)

Those of you who follow my blog will be all too familiar with my Pinterest obsession and the numerous failures I’ve had trying to reenact them. Well tonight people, I’m trying the Rocket Teabags again!!! I’m excited! (Check out the last attempt if you can’t remember or have only just started following – disaster central!)

I can’t wait to tell the kids when I get in that I’ve acquired some ‘posh’ teabags to try this again…(I stole them from work)…ahem…

Notes to self:

  • DO NOT STEAL! You will definitely go to jail.
  • Buy teabags in the morning OR phone in sick

I know Bear in particular will be excited, well, I hope he will be; it’s actually entirely possible that the last attempt scarred them both for life so it could be another epic fail before we’ve even started!

So….I’m signing off right now but will continue the post when I get home; fingers crossed it’ll go better than last time…..

So, I’ve just got in and both of them are as excited as me! YAY! We are setting up….here goes….

YAY!!!! A Pinterest win! VERY EXCITING!

And one more time – just to be sure…..

Just so I don’t get told off by anyone; this was totally supervised at all times, the children were never left alone with fire and I do not let my children play with fire……apart from on Tuesdays. 😉

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