When a Shouty Song is the only answer….


I woke up in a really bad mood this morning. Probably something to do with ending up in floods of tears last night after enduring the last episode of Game of Thrones and going to bed on a downer. I am dressed all in black today and told everyone at work not to talk to me, I’m in mourning, and I feel like shouting at everyone, I don’t even know what I’d say, just a big ‘RAAAA’ in a few people’s faces would probably help.

I flicked through all my playlists to try to find something that would satisfy my mood, I felt I needed something which required over-enthusiastic shout-singing and this little concoction, which is now my ‘shouty songs’ playlist, was just what I needed, especially after the kids added to my mood this morning by taking an age to get ready when I was already running late, then having to stand on a packed train all the way to work this morning. I put my headphones on as soon as I’d dropped the kids at the childminders and whacked them up full blast, then stood on the train staring into someone’s armpit (yuk!) for the next 45 minutes, if I didn’t think I’d come across as a total weirdo I would have definitely belted these out at the top of my voice!…whilst clenching my fists and choking back tears…and trying to hold back a few gag reflexes.

Sorry but no Living on a Prayer or Wonderwall on here; too predictable.

1. Lithium – Nirvana
2. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
3. Ulysses – Franz Ferdinand
4. I am what I am – Gloria Gaynor
5. Crazy – Aerosmith (basically anything by Aerosmith works
6. I Love it – Icona Pop
7. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
8. I bet you look good on the Dancefloor – Arctic Monkeys
9. Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs 
10. Stone Cold Sober – Paloma Faith
11. You Oughta Know – Alanis Morrisette
12. Since You’ve Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

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