Top Tip! Best way to peel an Avocado…or Mango….or Kiwi….

I love all three of the above but particulary an Avocado so when I saw this video I was really excited to try it, I normally just scoop out bits with a spoon which can be a bit tedious and messy.

I was a bit apprehensive; I thought it might be like one of my many Pinterest fails – looks amazing on screen, looks rubbish in reality….so, does it really work? The video would suggest yes, it does, so I tried it.

OMG, my life has changed forever. In the space of about a month I have eaten 245 avocados, just because I like peeling them!!!! It’s amazing, really. I am off to buy more mangoes and kiwis this week so I can have a ‘peeling awkward fruit marathon’. Thank you Dave Hax whoever you are.


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