Hiccups Cure!


I just have to share this! SO exciting!

I read somewhere about a hiccups cure, I can’t for the life of me remember where, but it basically said; get the hiccupee to have a drink and whilst they’re drinking stand behind them and tug down gently on their earlobes, I thought it sounded  crazy but was intrigued and couldn’t wait for one of us to get them, today was that day, twice!

Boo started hiccupping right after dinner, I rushed to get her a drink, I couldn’t contain my excitement, stood behind her as she drank and tugged gently on her earlobes. ‘Have they stopped? Have they? Have they?’ I asked, I was like an excited child, we both waited, ‘yes mummy!’ we both grinned from ear to ear. About an hour later she got them again and we both ran to get a drink, ‘do it again Mummy!!!!’, so we did, and it worked – AGAIN!  I was completely dumbfounded and still kinda am, I have no idea why this works?!  Boo and I had a little celebratory dance around the room. This is a blinking revelation and a definite MUST SHARE!!!!

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