I am a cheese freak. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I love cheese more than life itself. If I had to make the decision to choose between what I have in my life now or losing cheese forever I would choose cheese. (not strictly true, but you get my point). I am like the cheese version of Goldmember.

So herein my quest begins……the search for the best cheeseboard in London, or anywhere in the UK for that matter!

So today I had a pretty good one down what was formally known as The Bolt Hole in Suffolk Street EC4, now part of the Jamies chain, which included one of my favourites – blacksticks blue, which very kindly my boss offered to refrain from eating, (after I stabbed him with my knife and, whilst tilting my head in a creepy fashion, said, in my best scary voice ‘IT’S MINE’ ). Appraisal time, so admittedly maybe not the best timing, but it’s done now, what can you do? Like I said, I love cheese!

Vivat Bacchus is always up there with its wonderful smelly cheese rooms, you can choose your own cheese so you can’t really go wrong, but they never give you quite enough, in fact not even close to enough for a cheeselover. If I’m in the mood for cheese I want lots of it, and that’s pretty much er…always!

Cheese in Leadenhall Market – great for buying but no comfy sofas to snuggle up on. You have to sit outside in the freezing cold on uncomfortable chairs, bum getting cold and numb – an epic cheese experience it is not, which is a shame because it’s where Beardy buys me my other favourite, Mont D’Or. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a feeder, he just knows that if I find out he’s walked past it without bringing some home, his life won’t be worth living.

I’d like somewhere where I can slump on a sofa, large glass of red in my hand, massive selection of blue, soft, hard, smelly, all kinds of cheese in front of me, rosy cheeked bliss emanating from me, preferably in my pyjamas……hold on, I have probably just answered my own question, the best cheeseboard in the UK, or anywhere for that matter, has to be your own home? BUT I’m still going to continue looking for that special spot you can tuck yourself away with friends for an evening (no chance of kids disturbing you), to endure (my) life’s other wonder of the world – CHEESE!

Please comment if you have any recommendations!

2 thoughts on “Cheesemember

  1. MUMMO says:

    you need to come here Vicki – the cheeseboard selection is amazing, Dad is already looking like a large lump of Stilton (the round kind, all soft and squidgy)
    The board gets bigger every night!

    Love from me and the Grand Fromage! Xx


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