It’s funny now……Rocket Teabags!


So, easy peasy lemon squeezy, cut the top and bottom off a teabag it says (yes, you guessed it, Pinterest again – you’d think I’d learn!), empty the contents into the bin, set fire to the top of the teabag. The fire burns and the heat that gets captured inside the teabag lifts it into the air, like a burning rocket. When I read this out to the kids we all looked at each other and said ‘Coooooool!’ Loved the sound of this. Couldn’t be easier right? WRONG!

What they fail to mention is that this will only work with those posh teabags that are stapled at the top, the long ones, like the Twinings herbal teas! (who buys those? I thought they were ‘special’ teabags that you only get at work!) We tried 3 times with a ‘normal’ teabag. It burned. We watched in anticipation, very excited…….it went out. We tried again. Same thing happened. Then once more, not having learnt our lesson the first two times we watched, again, excited. The teabag fell over and we all screamed, Bear ran over and tried to blow it out and blew it right off the table, headed straight for Boo! She screamed. Bear shouted. I batted it out the way and burnt my hand. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (unless you have a posh teabag).

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