Zombie Evacuation!…with obstacles


I survived a Zombie Apocalypse! No, I really did. I saw there was a programme on last night called the same thing, I haven’t seen it yet but I know it’s harrowing stuff because I’ve experienced it first hand! I really did survive a Zombie Apocalypse! My team, quite rightly, doubted that I escaped unscathed, I was by far the most unfit of the 10 and the Zombie in question was quick, really quick. In truth I think she just felt sorry for me because I was doubled over gasping for breath, almost in tears and my team had buggered off and left me, not much teamwork going on there, it’s everyone for themselves!

I say ‘team’ in the broadest sense of the word, I was there with what I thought were 2 of my close friends and my husband!!! Yes, I am ashamed to say that he had absolutely no problem in leaving me behind to get eaten alive by Zombies, seems I may have made a mistake in my choice of husband!

You get put in a team, given a map and have to reach checkpoints (laptops) throughout the course, avoiding getting ‘bitten’ by Zombies along the way (obviously you don’t really get bitten, you get stamped with an invisible stamp which shows up when you go through the infected detector). When you enter the ‘password’ into the laptop it gives you a map reference to the next checkpoint. It all ends up with a big Zombie Party at the end.

If you enjoy scaring yourself silly til you almost wet yourself then you should try it, we did the http://2.8hourslater.com/ one but there seems to be a few of them around, we liked this one because it was at night, adding to scare factor. The one thing we did all agree on was that it wasn’t quite scary enough, there is a lot of walking (and running) round the dark streets and not nearly enough Zombies.

I know lots of people who have done Tough Mudder or something similar over the past year, it’s good fun, not for me, like I said, I’m very unfit, but I went to watch my Hubby and his friends and although really hard work they all really enjoyed it! Anyway, cut to the chase, I found this and thought of a lot of my friends who politely declined the invitation to join me on the Zombie run last year because they were basically too scared. Some of them them said they really wanted to do it but it was the fact it was at night, it made it too scary. My gift to you, my friends, Zombie Evacuation….time to eat your words….and run for your life.




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