I’ve always wanted to be a Super Hero!


When I sat down for a quick cuppa the other day I read something which totally transformed my mood, a free Tesco magazine told me I was a Superhero! Yep! People keep telling me I’m ‘special’, turns out they’re right! Wait til I tell the kids, they’re going to be sooooo excited, they already think Daddy is Batman, they are clearly destined for greatness with Superhero parents.

I got excited and wrote a list:

  • Get myself a name
  • What should I wear?

It wasn’t very long.

Seriously, it’s exciting, the article does actually make sense. ‘Kindness is your very own Super Power’ it reads, I know lots of people will probably get to this point and give up reading, ‘uhh lame!’ you might say and tut loudly (especially men) thinking it’s soppy, but WAIT, it’s so true….

The possibility that we all have the power to influence someone elses day by just performing a simple act of kindness is a massive thing, if we all did this once a day, not only does this affect the way we feel, instantly lifting our spirits, but it’s said to have a ripple effect at least twice over, TWICE OVER – that’s a lot of happy people!  We do something kind for someone and it inspires them to do something kind for someone else and so do they, and so on…..until it gets to a grumpy sod who doesn’t.


Apparently being kind encourages our body to produce oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure, protects the heart and reduces inflammation, even just thinking about it is enough to boost our immune system! Surely this has got to be reason enough to start practising it more?

OK, so we may not be able to fly, have super strength or fire webs out of our wrists but lets face it, Batman and Iron Man are classed as superheroes and possess no actual ‘Super Powers’ as such, they’re just rich kids who like mucking about with gadgets, no different to you and me (except the rich kid bit). Is it so hard to believe that we could change the world if we were a bit kinder each other?

I don’t know about you, but as of tomorrow I’m going to try it, then I’m going to get me a Super Suit!

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