Don’t try this at home!… Pinterest Disaster

I confess, I’m a serial Pinterester, not a word but it should be, there are lots of us out there. I’m constantly finding stuff on Pinterest that I think Wow! that looks amazing, I’m going to try that with the kids, they’ll love it. So, my first one, a while ago now, imagine this, a hot summers day, play date with two other 5 and 3 year olds, all running around excitedly and I pipe up ‘kids, I’ve got an amazing game for you!’ ….excitement escalates….

I found this on Pinterest and was sucked right in.

iced toys

Chuck a load of small toys in some water in a plastic container and freeze overnight, give the kids some salt, warm water and some tools to try to ‘free’ the toys trapped in the ice, genius you might think, as did I. When I finally got the ice out the container, which in itself took a while, the kids beamed with joy, not only because they got to splash water everywhere but also because they had real tools (not sharp I might add, I’m not a maniac!) and were stabbing at the ice like crazed mad men. I left them in the garden doing this while I watched them through the window in admiration as they sprung into superhero mode and tried their hardest to free the ice-olated toys (see what I did there?) feeling very chuffed with myself that I’d chosen such a wonderful gratefully received activity…..however….my silent wallowing in my own sheer awesomeness was disturbed minutes later by shouts of ‘Mummy! can you help us’ and as I walked over I was met by, not only 4 children squirting warm water in my face but, the block of ice having one tiny dent in it! I was saddened by the sight and told them they can’t be trying hard enough…an hour later… after I’d roped in another mum and the kids had gone off to play something else, frantically trying to break free the, now terrified, toys who could see us coming at them with sharp knives and pumpkin carvers, we managed to get out half an airfix toy soldier by amputating his leg. I held him high above my head in celebration ‘I did it!’ I cried….. literally, then swiftly slumped into a bedraggled heap on the grass whispering ‘I did it’ over and again. I will not be trying this Pinterest activity again. Epic fail.

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