Honey & Ginger Salmon

Honey Ginger BBQ Salmon Recipe | Yummly

Honey & Ginger Salmon

The kids weren’t overly keen on this, moaning that it was too sweet! Yep, too sweet, when has a child ever said that? Er…NEVER! Saying that, they actually ate it all up with not too much of a problem and us adults enjoyed it too.

Results are in – 6/10 (Bear) and after reminding Boo she kept saying she didn’t like it so shouldn’t really give it 10/10 she changed her mark to 9/9 – don’t think she’s quite got the hang of this marking system! Bless. I would give it an 8 and will definitely put on the adult menu again, in fact I’m having leftovers tonight, cold with salad.

I altered this slightly in that I used fresh garlic and ginger (because I didn’t have any ground/garlic granules) and I served with roasted aubergine, courgette, red onion and diced new potatoes, oh and I didn’t BBQ it, because, well, it’s February! Whacked in the oven for about 25 mins wrapped in foil.

Must just add that I love the yummly website, which is where I found this, it’s great for new kids meal ideas, you can search for pretty much anything and it always finds at least one recipe I like the look of.


Ingredients and method in the link below….



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