Zombie Evacuation!…with obstacles


I survived a Zombie Apocalypse! No, I really did. I saw there was a programme on last night called the same thing, I haven’t seen it yet but I know it’s harrowing stuff because I’ve experienced it first hand! I really did survive a Zombie Apocalypse! My team, quite rightly, doubted that I escaped unscathed, I was by far the most unfit of the 10 and the Zombie in question was quick, really quick. In truth I think she just felt sorry for me because I was doubled over gasping for breath, almost in tears and my team had buggered off and left me, not much teamwork going on there, it’s everyone for themselves!

I say ‘team’ in the broadest sense of the word, I was there with what I thought were 2 of my close friends and my husband!!! Yes, I am ashamed to say that he had absolutely no problem in leaving me behind to get eaten alive by Zombies, seems I may have made a mistake in my choice of husband!

You get put in a team, given a map and have to reach checkpoints (laptops) throughout the course, avoiding getting ‘bitten’ by Zombies along the way (obviously you don’t really get bitten, you get stamped with an invisible stamp which shows up when you go through the infected detector). When you enter the ‘password’ into the laptop it gives you a map reference to the next checkpoint. It all ends up with a big Zombie Party at the end.

If you enjoy scaring yourself silly til you almost wet yourself then you should try it, we did the http://2.8hourslater.com/ one but there seems to be a few of them around, we liked this one because it was at night, adding to scare factor. The one thing we did all agree on was that it wasn’t quite scary enough, there is a lot of walking (and running) round the dark streets and not nearly enough Zombies.

I know lots of people who have done Tough Mudder or something similar over the past year, it’s good fun, not for me, like I said, I’m very unfit, but I went to watch my Hubby and his friends and although really hard work they all really enjoyed it! Anyway, cut to the chase, I found this and thought of a lot of my friends who politely declined the invitation to join me on the Zombie run last year because they were basically too scared. Some of them them said they really wanted to do it but it was the fact it was at night, it made it too scary. My gift to you, my friends, Zombie Evacuation….time to eat your words….and run for your life.




Do try this at home – Pinterest Eureka! moment

If you read my blog you will be aware of my addiction to Pinterest, it’s not necessarily a good thing, especially when looking for crafty things to do with the children, you are basically setting yourself up to be bitterly disappointed and feel like a complete failure. The pictures and instructions always look amazing and easy to follow, we’ve mostly had fun trying them, but my expectations are always waaaaay too high and although I think we’ve done well and proudly puff out my chest when showing off photos,  I get a reality check when people laugh heartily at our efforts. Luckily, we laugh too.

Evidence below….

Banana Penguins!

How it should be done

banana penguins

Erm…..how it was done!


Not quite the same, but we had fun trying, they’re slippy little suckers.


Da da da…..we’ve found a good ‘un! NEVER I hear you Pinterest pessimists cry, oh but it’s true.

Apple Volcanoes!

I was looking after a friends little boy and I thought what can I do with them all that’s a bit different, I umm’d and ahh’d about looking on Pinterest after my first disaster with the iced toys incident (see Pinterest disaster post) when I found this and thought that’s a typical boys-y thing, they’ll love it!

apple volcano

I was all set; I’d given all three of them the equipment to get started and told them what they needed to do, I stepped back and watched with trepidation, chocolate at the ready to ply them with if it all went wrong, tissues on the table for the tears that would surely come after another Pinterest epic fail and a steady supply of apples, baking soda and vinegar to keep trying if necessary. BUT….none of it was needed coz  it only bloody worked!

Such an easy activity to do with things that are generally in the cupboard, granted, it doesn’t last long, but it’s worth it.

  • core an apple
  • stuff the apple full of baking soda
  • pour vinegar into the baking soda…simples.

You can add food colouring to the vinegar for extra effect, which is what they’ve done in the picture above.  The kids were so excited, their little faces were a picture. Little tip: Stock up on baking soda, they will want to do it more than once!

My faith in Pinterest activities has been restored….until next time!

I’ve always wanted to be a Super Hero!


When I sat down for a quick cuppa the other day I read something which totally transformed my mood, a free Tesco magazine told me I was a Superhero! Yep! People keep telling me I’m ‘special’, turns out they’re right! Wait til I tell the kids, they’re going to be sooooo excited, they already think Daddy is Batman, they are clearly destined for greatness with Superhero parents.

I got excited and wrote a list:

  • Get myself a name
  • What should I wear?

It wasn’t very long.

Seriously, it’s exciting, the article does actually make sense. ‘Kindness is your very own Super Power’ it reads, I know lots of people will probably get to this point and give up reading, ‘uhh lame!’ you might say and tut loudly (especially men) thinking it’s soppy, but WAIT, it’s so true….

The possibility that we all have the power to influence someone elses day by just performing a simple act of kindness is a massive thing, if we all did this once a day, not only does this affect the way we feel, instantly lifting our spirits, but it’s said to have a ripple effect at least twice over, TWICE OVER – that’s a lot of happy people!  We do something kind for someone and it inspires them to do something kind for someone else and so do they, and so on…..until it gets to a grumpy sod who doesn’t.


Apparently being kind encourages our body to produce oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure, protects the heart and reduces inflammation, even just thinking about it is enough to boost our immune system! Surely this has got to be reason enough to start practising it more?

OK, so we may not be able to fly, have super strength or fire webs out of our wrists but lets face it, Batman and Iron Man are classed as superheroes and possess no actual ‘Super Powers’ as such, they’re just rich kids who like mucking about with gadgets, no different to you and me (except the rich kid bit). Is it so hard to believe that we could change the world if we were a bit kinder each other?

I don’t know about you, but as of tomorrow I’m going to try it, then I’m going to get me a Super Suit!

Don’t try this at home!… Pinterest Disaster

I confess, I’m a serial Pinterester, not a word but it should be, there are lots of us out there. I’m constantly finding stuff on Pinterest that I think Wow! that looks amazing, I’m going to try that with the kids, they’ll love it. So, my first one, a while ago now, imagine this, a hot summers day, play date with two other 5 and 3 year olds, all running around excitedly and I pipe up ‘kids, I’ve got an amazing game for you!’ ….excitement escalates….

I found this on Pinterest and was sucked right in.

iced toys

Chuck a load of small toys in some water in a plastic container and freeze overnight, give the kids some salt, warm water and some tools to try to ‘free’ the toys trapped in the ice, genius you might think, as did I. When I finally got the ice out the container, which in itself took a while, the kids beamed with joy, not only because they got to splash water everywhere but also because they had real tools (not sharp I might add, I’m not a maniac!) and were stabbing at the ice like crazed mad men. I left them in the garden doing this while I watched them through the window in admiration as they sprung into superhero mode and tried their hardest to free the ice-olated toys (see what I did there?) feeling very chuffed with myself that I’d chosen such a wonderful gratefully received activity…..however….my silent wallowing in my own sheer awesomeness was disturbed minutes later by shouts of ‘Mummy! can you help us’ and as I walked over I was met by, not only 4 children squirting warm water in my face but, the block of ice having one tiny dent in it! I was saddened by the sight and told them they can’t be trying hard enough…an hour later… after I’d roped in another mum and the kids had gone off to play something else, frantically trying to break free the, now terrified, toys who could see us coming at them with sharp knives and pumpkin carvers, we managed to get out half an airfix toy soldier by amputating his leg. I held him high above my head in celebration ‘I did it!’ I cried….. literally, then swiftly slumped into a bedraggled heap on the grass whispering ‘I did it’ over and again. I will not be trying this Pinterest activity again. Epic fail.

Honey & Ginger Salmon

Honey Ginger BBQ Salmon Recipe | Yummly

Honey & Ginger Salmon

The kids weren’t overly keen on this, moaning that it was too sweet! Yep, too sweet, when has a child ever said that? Er…NEVER! Saying that, they actually ate it all up with not too much of a problem and us adults enjoyed it too.

Results are in – 6/10 (Bear) and after reminding Boo she kept saying she didn’t like it so shouldn’t really give it 10/10 she changed her mark to 9/9 – don’t think she’s quite got the hang of this marking system! Bless. I would give it an 8 and will definitely put on the adult menu again, in fact I’m having leftovers tonight, cold with salad.

I altered this slightly in that I used fresh garlic and ginger (because I didn’t have any ground/garlic granules) and I served with roasted aubergine, courgette, red onion and diced new potatoes, oh and I didn’t BBQ it, because, well, it’s February! Whacked in the oven for about 25 mins wrapped in foil.

Must just add that I love the yummly website, which is where I found this, it’s great for new kids meal ideas, you can search for pretty much anything and it always finds at least one recipe I like the look of.


Ingredients and method in the link below….