Music makes everything better….


I feel all excitable today! I’m actually working from home right now (apart from having a tea break to write this) doesn’t sound particularly exciting you may think, but oh how wrong you are, I’ve got the wonder that is Spotify playing in the background with a barrage of 80’s music, yes I’m a self confessed cheesy 80’s music fan (much to the embarrassment of the Hubby who makes uhh! noises when my 80’s playlist comes on). I’m sure everyone will agree that work just gets a whole lot better when you’re listening to music which makes you want to dance, no matter what era it is!

Apart from the fact that I may look a bit weird to the outsider (postman) who can see me energetically jigging away at the computer through the window, (I’m sure it’s put a smile on his face today), it lifts your spirits, puts you in a good mood, especially when you have extremely boring work to contend with, ok so you might have to check occasionally that you haven’t written music lyrics into an important email to the boss, he might not appreciate you telling him he doesn’t have to take his clothes off to have a good time, or maybe he will, who knows, it might actually brighten his day too?! Maybe there should be a campaign to have music blaring out of every office building during lunch hour, I think people would be a lot less aggressive and stressed.

So, if you’re that way inclined and having a so far boring day, I challenge you to dig some music out which always makes you smile and turn it up loud – REALLY LOUD, enjoy the moment and dance your hearts out! Happy Thursday Everyone!

A snippet of awesomeness to get you on your way to brightening up an otherwise average Thursday…..


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