PS4 Zombie Amazingness!!!!

Now I do love a zombie, whether it’s being chased by them through the streets of London or just watching a film and because of this I now fully understand why men get so engrossed in PS4/Xbox games. I am currently sitting here watching Beardy playing The Last of us on his new PS4 and I have my hands over my eyes screaming at him to ‘stop running into corners!’, ‘get him!’, ‘watch out!’ ‘RUN!’ All of which are followed by an ‘aaaaaargh!’ I actually have butterflies in my tummy – this is like a film – and you star in it! Also helped by the fact that Joel (the hero) reminds me a lot of Gerard Butler and is shit hot at fighting (I guess that really depends on the player though) I particularly like the throat punch and the knocking off of heads! Not that I’m a violent gal you understand, I’m just sayin’ now I get it. It’s actually quite funny also watching the little prompts come up asking if you want to make it easier, clearly recognising the players inability to complete the level and seeing Beardy getting all antsy because he doesn’t want to admit defeat, telling the prompts to ‘f*** off!’ Lol! I’m a nervous wreck but I’m actually really enjoying this!

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